Aurea Gemma <Gallica> 2.8-10
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[2.8] Now the diversity of charters should be revealed by division and the nature of each should be distinguished.

[2.9] Some charters contain the testaments of inheritances. Others the privileges of persons. Others the records of dowry. Others the documents of imperial largess and the munificence of kings and princes and devotions of the faithful. For whatever is given to churches, is given either by largess of emperors or by the munificence of kings and princes or by the devotion of the faithful. And so the property of churches are defined: the patrimony of paupers, the vows of the faithful, the redemption of souls and the penitence of sinners.

[2.10] Other charters contain privileges of particular churches, others contain bills of sale, others contain memorial of exchanges, others contain a testimony of money lent.

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