Halberstadt Ars dictandi 2.1
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[2.1.1] The grace of God has recently composed through us an introductory handbook on the practice of writing, at the end of which we added some samples of prose writing agreeable to modern conventions and following the previously given rules. If perchance any people would seem to have made progress in these examples, let them hasten to ascend now from virtue to virtue and to apply themselves to a higher study. For indeed we intend to treat higher things in this opusculum, which treats actions, confirmations, privileges and testaments.1

1 Testaments are not systematically treated or exemplified in the Halberstadt Libellus privilegiorum; but see below, 2.5.2 Discussing commutation of letter parts, part I of the Halberstadt Ars dictandi (Libellus dictaminum: ZöLLNER ed. 543) treats mandates as letters without preamble, narration and conclusion.

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