Aurea Gemma <Gallica> 3a.1
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[3a.1] Carta1 dicitur a Cartino2 oppido, ubi primum inventus est usus cartarum. Sciendum autem est quod alie continent signacula emptionum, alie credite pecunie testimonium, alie commutationes possessionum, alie emancipationes servorum, alie privilegia personarum vel civitatum vel ecclesiarum. Quarum primum tale erit exemplum:

Carta--cartarum om. B      est autem tr. B      quod] cartarum add. B      credite om. B      erit om. A

1 The five model charters of Section II (above Aurea Gemma <Gallica> 2.12-15, 2.17-19, 2.30-32, 2.34-36, 2.39-42) are here followed in both manuscripts by Section IIIa, a collection of ten model charters with some doctrine (3a.1,23,24). The first six charters of this collection are preceded either by short identifying remarks (3a.1,10,19,25,29) or by a rubric (3a.14); the final four charters have neither (3a.36-40,41-45,46-50,51-54). The first charter, a bill of sale, is followed by two alternative endings (3a.7,9), with doctrinal explanations (3a.6,8). --- Brugge cod. 528 does not contain Section IIIb, a collection of nine charters without doctrine. With the exception of its first charter (3b.55-57), all the charters of Section IIIb are preceded by an identifying rubric. The last paragraph of the treatise (3a.85) is found in both manuscripts. See previous note.

2 This etymology also appears above, Aurea Gemma <Gallica> 2.2.

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