Aurea Gemma <Gallica> 3a.10-13
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[3a.10] Here is an example of those charters which contain testimony of money lent:

[3a.11] THE CREATOR wished that there would be faith, justice, piety, humanity, charity <and> supportive association in man created by Him, so that one would support the other with aid and the indigence of one would be alleviated by the superabundance of the other and through the mutual exchange of services a firm association would be stabilized and charity would increase. For how would the force of charity shine forth, if man did not need the aid and counsel of another? For where would the constancy of praiseworthy faith and the insignia of piety appear, unless it give subvention to the indigent and be faithfully restored to the creditor with his grace? Thus, because this natural society and charity of benevolence was formed by divine institution among men living in reason, we ought to associate with the needs of our neighbors and mitigate their deficiency.

[3a.12] Therefore, I, H., seeing that N. needs my good works, have not shut off the bowels of charity from him, but I have credited thirty pounds to his faith, with which he might be able to look after the present deficiency.

[3a.13] But because it is <the duty> of the prudent man to provide for posterity and to oppose future misfortunes, lest the memory of this present deed and the grace of such a good work perish, I have furnished worthy witnesses, whose names I have inserted in the present charter, so that by their testimony of the present deed, memory may be well conserved and favor located with Him, to whose memory I have confided.

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