Aurea Gemma <Gallica> 3b.58-61
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[3b.59] The present age is more inclined to evil and, hot with lust, it attempts to groundlessly infringe established good deeds. But one remedy for that is given to us, namely the custody of writing, which speaks the unshaken text of actions with its unchangeable truth.

[3b.60] Thus I, L.,2 by the grace of God king of the Franks, consider it worthy to transmit to the knowledge of present and future persons that we have granted as property from now on the village <N.>, which specially pertains to our royal domain, with all its appurtenances, fiefs and their other customs, to the congregation of such and such brothers, who, bearing the Lord's cross and renouncing secular things, have determined to live by a monastic rule.

[3b.61] And lest any ecclesiastic or secular person could violate our donation, we sign this matter with the subscription of our name and strengthen it with the authority of our seal. This was enacted in our palace with these assisting and furnishing assent: B., C., D., the queen and many others. It was given at Orleans by the hand of our notary C., in the year 1159 of the incarnate Word, null epact.3

2 Louis VII, king of France (1137-1180). See above, Aurea Gemma <Gallica> 1.9,22 and 3a.36.

3 The epact is correctly given.

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