Aurea Gemma <Gallica> 3b.64-67
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[3b.65] It is fitting that those things which have been sanctioned by common assent remain firm and wholly undisturbed. It must make for a disgrace that things confirmed by the advice of good men be repudiated.

[3b.66] Therefore I, B. abbot, P. prior, C. cellarer and the whole convent of monks of the greater monastery, we transmit to the knowledge of present and future persons, by the testimony of the present page, that we grant to H. IXti the first of vacant churches, whichever he himself wishes, which vacancy he may fill with a son or a nephew or whomever else he himself decides concerning his donation.

[3b.67] And lest any calumny could subvert a text of truth, we confirm the matter with our authority and strengthen it with the attestation of our seal. This was enacted in our chapter, with P. and C. assisting, in the year of the Lord one thousand <...>, with <...> presiding as bishop of the church at Gurk.

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