Aurea Gemma <Gallica> 3b.71-73
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[3b.72] The unique remedy for oblivion is writing, which imposes silence on calumnies and, smoothing a knot of contention with its text, speaks the truth by its authority.

[3b.73] In view of this reason, I have decided to commit to the present page what I wish to hold firm and undisturbed, as I am about to journey to Jerusalem. I have mortgaged to Peter my manor for one hundred shillings, with all its appurtenances, fields, vineyards and other things, with complete revenues for three years, yet with this condition, that if perchance it happens that I die, my nephews B. and B. shall return the previously enumerated money and Peter will yield to them the right and lordship of my manor. But if the aforesaid possession shall be judged to be worth more, he shall pay legacies to the undersigned. If Peter should die, my nephews shall pay to the undersigned.

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