Aurea Gemma <Gallica> 3a.85
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[3a.85] A rule1 has been given once and should always be followed, that in these and in all charters only the year of the incarnate Word and of the prince and the indiction number should be diligently preserved and the names of the witnesses should be subscribed,2 except in charters of emperors and kings.3


1 This dating rule (see also above, 2.32) is not followed complely section IIIb, which contains the only dated model charters.

2 For other comments on witnesses see also above, 2.36-7, for witness clauses: 2.43, 3a.5,13,18,45,50; most of the charters in section IIIb contain witnesses lists.

3 On Brugges cod. 528, fol 15v, following 3a.85 (without explicit) are the five letter openings printed in Appendix Ia. In Admont cod. 759, fols. 71v-117r there follows after the explicit a collection of 80 letters.

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