Halberstadt Ars dictandi 3.1
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[3.1.1] In the name of the holy and undivided Trinity. G. by the grace of God bishop of Halberstadt.

[3.1.2] The obligation of the pontifical office requires that we should strive to provide for the churches committed to us with whatever diligence we can muster, and especially for those colleges serving the virgin Mary, since just as she obtained a special prerogative from the Highest, so we trust to help more fully and specially by her intercession.

[3.1.3] Thus we wish it to be known to the faithful, both of the present and of future times, that a certain brother named L. of the church of S. Maria1 in Halberstadt, desiring to obtain a memorial of a benediction for himself and his <family>, had through entreaties and actions induced a late matron of Hersleve named B. to this, that she resign to us one half of the tithes in Walleweghe, which she held from our hand, for the use of the aforesaid church, namely of S. Maria, mother of God, just as the aforesaid N. had ordained.

[3.1.4] Thus approving Bertrada's pious volition, we grant a moiety of tithes, namely at N., as has been said, made over to the aforementioned church. The arrangement of I. is as follows: from the moiety of tithes, which pays two talents annually, dividing in equal portion he established five solidi for the consolation of the brethren of the virgin Mary and the same amount on his anniversary, similarly five solidi on his father's anniversary and the same amount as a memorial of his mother. Whatever is left over, the administrators of this offering shall receive as consolation for their labor.

[3.1.5] Witnesses of this arrangement are canons of the church of S. Maria, namely lord C., senior provost etc.; freemen: Ludolf etc.; ministerials: C. prefect of the city etc. and many others.

[3.1.6] This was enacted 11-- A.D., seventh indiction, first year of our ordination.2

[3.1.7] Therefore, so that this enactment may remain valid and undisturbed, we confirm it with our bann and have marked this testimonial page with the impression of our seal.

1 The bishop of Halberstadt's charters for this recipient ( see also above, 2.5.7) are found throughout G. SCHMIDT Urkundenbuch des Hochstifts Hildesheim und seiner Bischöfe (Halle 1883); this charter is printed at 1.319 no. 358 from V. SCHMIDT identifies 'B de. H.' as 'Bertrada de Hersleve' and 'W.' as 'Walleweghe' and corrects the incorrectly abbreviated names: 'N.' and 'I.' to 'L.'; 'N.'2 to 'Walleweghe'.

2 The first year of Gardolf's episcopacy ended in November 1194 (indiction 12).

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