Halberstadt Ars dictandi 3.3
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[3.3.1] In the name of the holy and undivided Trinity. Gardolf, by the grace of God bishop of Halberstadt or by divine grace (or: clemency) favoring bishop of Halberstadt.

[3.3.2] We make known to the community of faithful, both of the present and of the future, that because of the duty committed to us to govern, desiring to intend to the peace and utility of churches and to remove scandals and dissensions from their midst, we have led back to the good of peace and harmony that controversy and legal case about a certain archdeaconry in Kalme,2 which was litigated during many years between our venerable brothers A.,3 canon and vicedominus of the cathedral church, and Om.,4<provost of the Stötterlingenburg abbey>, by this reckoning: that our beloved brother An., the vicedominus, from the love of God and by our intervention and from charity for the Stötterlingenburg abbey,5 shall cease to demand the aforesaid archdeaconry. And with the consent of <Anselm> himself we have recognized and assigned the same archdeaconry to provost Osto, so that by removing all doubt and contradiction it shall remain for the aforesaid provost O. and his successors in perpetuity.

[3.3.3] So that this our ordinance shall remain valid and undisturbed from this monent now and hereafter, we confirm <it> by the authority of almighty God and by the authority of S. Peter, prince of the apostles, and by our own bann, and we order this charter thereupon composed to be marked with the impression of our seal.

[3.3.4] Given 27 June at the general synod, in the year 1194 A.D, second indiction, in the presence of the lord canons of the cathedral church: C. deacon, C. cellerar, E. cantor, M. warden and many other clerics and laymen.

1 This charter is printed from the original O by C. VON SCHMIDT-PHISELDECK Die Urkunden des Klosters Stötterlingenburg (Halle 1874) 5, no. 5. Cf. also F. WINTER "Die Diözansynoden des Halberstädter Sprengels im 12. Jh." Zeitschrift der Harzverein 1 (1868) 251-286 at 276-7, who prints a fifteenth century copy of O (= K: Landeshauptarchiv Magdeburg Kop. 398/755 fol. 198r).

2 Kalm is located 9.5 km NW of Halberstadt.

3 Anselm.

4 Osto.

5 Stötterlingen is located 8.5 km. NW of Halberstadt..

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