Halberstadt Ars dictandi 3.4
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[3.4.1] Gardolf, by the grace of God bishop of Halberstadt, to the faithful, to whom this writing may come, eternal greetings in the Lord.

[3.4.2] We wish all the faithful to know, that provided our canon et vicedominus Frederick would make ready with enthusiasm for a crusade overseas, we firmly intend to keep the same favorable grant which the lord pope indulges on faithful crusaders, desiring from pious devotion that it too be valid for our faithful subjects.

[3.4.3] Thus by our grant--or rather by the authority of the apostolic see--the aforesaid vicedominus has mortgaged the entire income of his benefices for the period of three years to A. and B., etc.

[3.4.4] Witnesses of this matter are A., B., and C.

[3.4.5] Because through the grace of God we dispose likewise to go on crusade, lest anyone might dare to disturb this ordinance during the time of our absence, we also strengthen this testimonial page with the authority of almighty God and of the apostles SS. Peter and Paul and by our own bann, and we mark it with the impression of our seal.

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