Halberstadt Ars dictandi 3.5
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[3.5.1] In the name of the holy and undivided Trinity. Henry VI, by the favoring of divine clemency emperor of the Romans and forever augustus.

[3.5.2] Since the imperial highness should intend to the profits of all our faithful and to the benefits of all,1 for the sake of piety we are required to apply judgment still more amply for those ahead of all others, who have been known to amply serve God and us with their <....> and property for the honor of the churches of God and of the empire.

[3.5.3] We wish all the faithful, both present and future, to see clearly that, at the urgent request of our beloved marquis Rudolf2 of such and such place and especially because of the indefatigable merits of his services, out of imperial largess we have given to the church of S. Catherine at Brunsdorf3 an estate which has fallen vacant to us. This estate is located in the county of count Henry,4 in the two villages Runstedt5 and Aspenstedt,6 eight manors with four meadows and one adjacent forest. This estate, with all of its appurtenances, that is: serfs of both sexes, threshing floors, buildings, lands cultivated and fallow, pastures, fields, hunting grounds, water courses, fisheries, or with anything useful which can come from an estate, we give to the aforesaid church, with this reckoning, that the same church shall henceforth have free power for holding, exchanging, renting or doing whatever it pleases concerning the aforesaid estate.

[3.5.4] And so that this donation of our majesty shall remain stable and undisturbed for all time, strengthening this page composed thereupon by our authority, we order it marked with the impression of our seal.

[3.5.5] If anyone may have attempted to infringe the constitution of imperial magnificence, let him pay in fine one hundred marks of proven silver, half to the treasury...

1 Cf. DH.VI. ---, STUMPF Reg. 4736, BB 205. (Arengenverzeichnis no. 317).

2 Presumably the son or grandson of a marquis Rudolf mentioned in an 1148 charter of Henry the Lion, duke of Saxony, who undertook a victorious military campaign against the Dithmarschen, because they had long ago murdered Rudolf. See KARL JORDAN Die Urkunden Heinrichs des Löwen, Herzogs von Sachsen und Bayern (Stuttgart 1957) 21, no. 12: ...coram frequentia totius exercitus, qui nobiscum erat, quando reversus sumus accepta victoria de hostibus regni Thiedmarskiensibus, qui Rotholfum marchionem principem et comitem suum iam pridem interfecerant...

3 The abandoned village Brunsdorf was located north of Königslutter (dioc. Halberstadt), in a forest belonging to the Mariental abbey (dioc. Halberstadt), according to CL. LAUFKöTER Die wirtschaftliche Lage der ehemahligen braunschweigischen Zisterzienserklöster Michaelstein, Mariental und Riddaghausen bis zum Jahre 1300 (1919) 79.

4 Henry, count of Gardelegen, according to BERND ULRICH HUCKER Kaiser Otto IV MGH Schriften 34 (Hanover 1990) 672. Gardelegen is located ca. 15 km. NE of Halberstadt.

5 Not identified. VIENKEN (ed. 169) associates this village with Helmstedt (dioc. Halberstadt)--in which case Runstedt would be separated by ca. 10 km. from the village Aspenstedt. But it would seem that these two villages should be closer, since they share one adjacent forest.

6 Aspenstedt is located 6 km. NW of Halberstadt.

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