De doctrina privilegiorum 5
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[5.1] The decrees of archbishops or indeed of bishops should be built in nearly the same order as are the privileges of popes. They only differ in this, that they are prohibited to make privileges for others unless he is for one placed under their governance. But the pope makes decrees for all. They also differ in this, that in the decretal confirmation and in the anathema, which is always put at the end, it should always begin with 'under the authority of almighty God and of saint Peter' or 'Martin', or of the patron saint by whose name the episcopal church will be named, 'and under the authority of lord pope Eugene1 and of our (his) authority and our (his) brethren's.'

[5.2] In the remaining parts they do not differ at all in order or type of script. These preambles and ones similar to them should be used in a fitting manner: It is wholly proper that pastors of the churches of God provide for the needs of their subjects and clemently heed their just requests, or as follows: Since the princes and rectors of the churches of God shall have provided for these churches and for those subject to them, and fulfilled just acts for them, should these for any reason withdraw themselves, the princes and rectors should not decide that these should be left unpunished.

[5.3] But nothing else should be put in the end except perhaps their saints.

1 See WOLFGANG PETERS "Studien zu den Beziehungen zwischen kölnischer und römischer Kirche" Archiv für Diplomatik 17 (1971) 185-283 , part I: "Studien zur Verwendung der päpstlichen 'Auctoritas' in der sicherungsformeln der Kölner erzbischöflichen Urkunden bis zum Ende des 12. Jahrhunderts" at 185-255.  

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