'Evanescunt simul' 11
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[1.1] Those things that are enacted in time vanish together with time, unless they may receive a strengthening from the voice of witnesses or from the memorial of a written document.

[1.2] Let it thus be known to all to whom this present writing shall have come, that I, N. accepting F., daughter of such and such man, have assigned my house at saint Martin's to that maiden as a dowry, with vineyards.

[1.3] But to be sure, lest any foolishness might be able to weaken what has been enacted, I have summoned witnesses, good and important men, whose names have been written below: B., C., D.

[1.4] Moreover, so the matter shall be more stable and forever whole, I have wished the present page have a support from the seal of our bishop, just as is proper.

[1.5] Enacted etc.

1 I have taken this title from the beginning words of a small collection of model preambles found at the end of Admont Stiftsbibliothek cod. 749, whose main texts were copied in Carinthia ca 1168-1174 from a slightly earlier French model. My edition is based on Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek cod. 521, a thirteenth-century manuscript of Bernard de Meung's Flores dictaminum, which contains full texts for all sixteen preambles in the Admont manuscript.

2 Dowry of a house granted by a knight to his bride (ed. MEISENZAHL 89+-90+, Agen 4 no. 59).

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