'Evanescunt simul' 10
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[10.1] Persons faithfully attending a great man make themselves worthy of a great reward.

[10.2] Thus may present and posterity know that I, T.,2 count of Blois <and> seneschal of the French kingdom, considering the probity and long service, on account of which G. of such and such place has deserved my love, I have granted that he and his heirs shall have perpetually two ploughgates3 to local measure at that village, which is called such and such.

[10.3] Lest that be revoked by anyone, my son L.4 has accorded approval and assent to my donation.

[10.4] Witnesses of this donation are: A., B., and C.

[10.5] I have caused the present page to be strengthened by the bulwark of my seal.

[10.6] Enacted publicly etc.

1 Donation of piece of land to a knight (ed. MEISENZAHL 84+-85+, no. 53).

2 Theobald V, count of Blois and seneschal of France (1152-1191).

3 Though varying from region to region, a carrucate was roughly 80-120 acres, ostensibly the amount one team of oxen could plough in a season.

4 Theobald V married Alice, daughter of king Henry VII by Eleanor of Aquitaine in 1162 (W.L. WARREN Henry II 109) or 1164-5 (JOHN F. BENTON The court of Champagne under Henry the Liberal and countess Marie 30). Their son was named Louis.

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