'Evanescunt simul' 12
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[12.1] Whoever has done mercy for his debtor shall have mercy be done to him by the highest Judge, when the day of Last Judgment shall have come, a plaintive day of ire to be feared.

[12.2] Let it become known to present and future persons, that I, L. of such and such place, have constituted my serf named A. in Roman liberty, for the love of God and for the remission of my sins and for his service, making the precept that whoever shall have wished to infringe this enactment must pay one hundred marks for his presumption.

[12.3] This liberty was consented to by my sons A. and B. and confirmed by the bulwark of my seal.

[12.4] These were present when this manumission was done: A., B., and C.

[12.5] Enacted publicly...

1 Manumission (ed. MEISENZAHL 107 + , no. 80--not transmitted in Agen 4).

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