'Evanescunt simul' 13
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[13.1] It falls shamefully to a good man's lot to promise that which should never happen.

[13.2] Thus let them know to whom this present page shall have come, that I, called abbot, have promised with the entire chapter's assent to give the first church, which first comes vacant into our hands, to our beloved B. of Aspremont.2

[13.3] But lest this our donation or promise might be quashed, I have ordered that it be committed to a letter and be confirmed by the bulwark of our seal.

[13.4] Enacted publicly in such and such year A.D., witnessing in our monastery: A., B., and C.

[13.5] Given May 13 by the hand of our notary A.

1 Confirmation of a promise made by an abbot to a priest for the next available benefice (ed. MEISENZAHL 94+-95+ , no. 65).

2 Aspremont (dep. Hautes-Alpes).

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