'Evanescunt simul' 16
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[16.1] All matters committed to a letter draws strength from its memorialization.

[16.2] Thus whoever shall have seen the present page should know, that I, <N.> of such and such place, about to embark on a visit of the Lord's sepulcher, as I had vowed to do, have put my estate in hand for my brother named B. and my heirs, whose age was then still young. If I should die on so sacred a journey, I have divided it in this way, that the eldest son named <N.> should have three mills and as many baking ovens and to my two younger sons shall be divided by a measure of equal distribution all the meadows which I have, along with my vineyards. Indeed the whole tithe that came to me from patrimonial right, should devolve in alms to our church of S. Stephan the protomartyr.2 But, if divine prudence shall have granted to me a return, this division must not have stability, but all these possessions shall revert to my hand.

[16.3] So that this matter would remain stable, I have caused it to be committed to a letter and have produced witnesses, whose names are written below: A., B., C.

[16.4] Because I did not have a seal, I asked the canons of the Paris3 church, so that they would strengthen the present page with the bulwark of their seal.

[16.5] Enacted publicly in my house in the year such and such A.D., such and such indiction, with Henry reigning as emperor, in the year such and such <of his empire>.

1 Crusader's testament, (ed. MEISENZAHL 56+ -57+, no. 25).

2 See above, 6.2.

3 For two charters issued by the bishop of Paris, see above 4.3, 5.3.

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