'Evanescunt simul' 3
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[3.1] Just as the sacred page declares, whoever releases a serf from the obligation of servitude, would deserve to have his obligations released by the highest Judge.2

[3.2] Thus present and future persons should know, that I, P., of such and such place, for the remission of my sins and of my family's sins, have released my serf named B. from all serfdom's obligation of servitude, with all his family and heirs, both those already born and to be born later, now and forever.

[3.3] Whence, lest any calumny might arise in the future demanding the title of this liberty, I have caused it to be committed to a letter and to receive the strengthening of my seal.

[3.4] Lest any impudence or contradiction should come from them, my sons A., B. and C. have given assent and have caused their names and signs to be added to this present page.

[3.5] Witnesses of this matter are: A., B. and C.

1 Manumission of a serf, his heirs and family (ed. MEISENZAHL 85+-86+, Agen no. 54).

2 Cf. Matt. 6.12, 18.27-34.

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