'Evanescunt simul' 4
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[4.1] With divine grace inspiring him, a good man escapes from the fallen world, because he sees that those cleaving to fallen things do themselves fall.

[4.2] A certain knight from our parish, named B., wished to become a monk in the holy monastery of S. Martin's,2 but lest he might come into the Lord's house wholly barehanded, he gave along with himself twenty solidi from his own rents, which the abbey may have each year from its guests.

[4.3] But lest calumny should arise concerning his gift, he has meekly asked and requested that I, M.,3 by the grace of God bishop of Paris, would record his gift in writing and would strengthen it with the bulwark of my seal.

[4.4] Furthermore, B.'s sons have offered their faith that they would defend the father's gift and that it would not be permitted for this gift to be disturbed by any calumny.

[4.5] Enacted publicly, etc.

1 A knight entering the monastery of St. Martin gives it the customary endowment of a 20 solidi annuity (ed. MEISENZAHL 53+-54+, no. 23).

2 Rather than canons of S. Martin of Tours, this probably is the principal Cluniac priory at Paris, St. Martin-des-Champs. See JOSEPH DEPOIN Recuil de chartres et documents de Saint-Martin-des-Champs, monastere parisien (Paris 1912-24) 5 vols.

3 Maurice de Sully, bishop of Paris (1160-1196). See also below, 5.3, 16.4.

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