'Evanescunt simul' 5
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[5.1] Much calumny is accustomed to arise from men's acts, unless the testimony of good witnesses or a written document would lend strength.

[5.2] Thus may present and future know that we A. and B., sons of the good man G. of happy memory, from such and such place,2 have divided our inheritance after our father's death in this manner, and as we believe, in equal measure, that I may possess the whole land on this side of the river and my brother may possess the land beyond the river, perpetually in tranquil peace.

[5.3] So that this division might remain forever valid and stable, our bishop M. has at our request committed this enactment to a letter and has strengthened it with the bulwark of his seal.

[5.4] Moreover, fit witnesses were present when this was enacted, whose names are written below: A., B., and C.

[5.5] Enacted publicly in the court of our bishop, in such and such year, such and such indiction.

[5.6] Given April 4 by the hand of the bishop's notary P.

1 A contract for the division of an inheritance (ed. MEISENZAHL 34+-35+, no. 8).

2 The reading here of Agen, Bibl. publ. cod. 4 (Confluentia sancti Correntini) might possibly indicate one of numerous villages called Conflans. S. Corentinus, a student of S. Martin of Tours, was buried at Marmoutier near Tours.

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