'Evanescunt simul' 6
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[6.1] He does not correctly prepare his last will, who only endows earthly heirs and does not make Christ a substantial coheir. For He should receive a portion of all things provided, all which good things He provides man, and have a place on the testament's page.

[6.2] Thus let both present and future know, that I, a knight named B., do make the holy church of saint N.2 heir of my tithes and taille which I have purchased by title of acquisition, making the precept, that all which I possessed by title of inheritance shall deservedly devolve to my sons. The taille and tithes, of which I installed Christ as possessor in eternity, shall remain for the undisturbed use of the aforesaid church's ministers.

[6.3] If however anyone of my heirs shall have attempted to weaken my testament, let him be punished by a double penalty, so that he shall pay thirty solidi to the court and on the day of Last Judgment he shall be damned by the Lord, since he shares a portion with the wicked.

[6.4] Moreover, so that this matter may endure more stably and may forever persevere in the same status, I have wished that the names of those, who were present during the enacting of this business, be noted on the present page and that it receive a strengthening from the duke's seal.

[6.5] Enacted etc.

1 Testament of a knight granting his estate to his children and the tithes he has acquired to a church (ed. MEISENZAHL 49+-50+, no. 19).

2 The reading here for Agen, Bibl. publ. cod. 4  (beati Stephani) probably is due to the fact that cathedral church at Agen was dedicated to S. Stephan. See below, 16.2.

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