'Evanescunt simul' 7
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[7.1] It has been established by prudent men, that whatever one would wish to remain more stable, should be preserved by the record of his letter.

[7.2] Thus may present and posterity know, that our beloved son in Christ named P., commended by knowledge of letters, concluding in praiseworthy conversation, has deserved for that to obtain from us such and such church, to be peaceably possessed for so long as he lives, yet reserving the rights of his archdeacon.

[7.3] Whence, lest any calumny might be able to arise in the future, which might attempt to weaken the gift that we have made, we have wished that the present page be confirmed by subscription of witnesses and by authority of our seal.

[7.4] Present to this gift, when it was made, were: A., B., and C.

[7.5] Enacted publicly etc.2

1 Benefice granted to a priest (ed. MEISENZAHL 93+-94+, no. 64).

2 The Donaueschingen manuscript continues here with a standard invocation to a charter (In nomine sancte et individue Trinitatis), the result of replacing 'etc.' of 'Evanescunt simul' no. 7.5 with the first line of no. 8, although D omits 'Evanescunt simul' nos. 8-12. Since the next charter respectively in the manuscripts AEM1 (i.e.: ed. MEISENZAHL nos. 65, 67 and 54) does not begin with an invocation, this confirms that D is an abbreviation of a model resembling OW2.

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