'Evanescunt simul' 8
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[8.1] In the name of the holy and undivided Trinity. Amen.

[8.2] Those things that are enacted in time are customarily preserved by a letter and by testimony, lest they might decay with the passing of time and lest calumny might be heaped on them in the future.

[8.3] Thus let present and posterity know that I, named B., son of the late Peter, have released my serf named B. with all his heirs from all servitude and from all serfdom's obligation.

[8.4] Lest in the course of time anyone's foolishness might weaken that, we have caused it to be strengthened by a letter as well as by witnesses, whose names are written below: A., B. and C. For the love of God and for my sins, my wife, the noble matron named A., together with my sons S., D., C., and E. have allowed this liberty in the presence of many good men.

[8.5] Enacted publicly in such and such year in front of the royal palace.

1 Manumission of a serf (ed. MEISENZAHL 86+-87+, no. 55).

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