'Evanescunt simul' 9
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[9.1] In the name of the holy and undivided Trinity. Amen.

[9.2] Those undertaking service for the honor of a powerful man deserve to receive favor, so that they should not complain of their labor.

[9.3] We have accepted long service from our faithful <ministerial>, named B., and it is pleasing that we repay his service by a deserved and favorable retribution.

[9.4] Thence it is, that we quit his person and his heirs perpetually from all burdensome custom, establishing that he must go forth in no military expedition unless he voluntarily shall have wished to go forth and let him be forever immune from all burden of taxes. But if at some time he had done something less worthy with respect to the fulfillment of royal justice, he may not be forced by our provost to suffer punishment, but he will do justice at our hand. Moreover we establish the same concerning his heirs, so that they should always exist in similar liberty.

[9.5] Lest any calumny might be able to weaken this liberty in the future, we have caused this present page to be committed to a letter and strengthened by the bulwark of our seal.

[9.6] Enacted etc.

1 Manumission of a ministerial and his heirs (ed. MEISENZAHL 20+-21+, no. 4).

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