Oliva 45-47 
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[45.1] Since the holy Roman church is the head and master of all churches by the Lord's disposal, she is required to speedily heed just petitions of all catholics, lest by delay of time their rights might perish to any degree. 


[46.1] Whenever just petitions are offered by catholics to us, who act by the Lord's permission in Peter's stead, we are required to kindly admit these petitions and corroborate those admitted with Peter's most firm apostolic solidity, lest any transgressors could impede through malicious and fivolous contrivances that which has been righteously begun. 


[47.1] It befits the sacrosanct Roman church to give speedy assent to petitions of its devoted and humble sons, since the maliciousness of the wicked struggles daily to annul and to disturb with innumerable vexations whatever seems to have an origin in the root of law and of equity.319  

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319 Cf. formula 3, Die Register Innocenz III ed. OTHMAR HAGENEDER and ANTON HAIDACHER (Graz-Cologne 1964) 1.xliv: Sacrosancta Romana ecclesia devotos et humiles filios ex assuete pietatis officio propensius diligere consuevit et ne pravorum hominum molestiis agitentur, eos tamquam pia mater sue protectionis munimine confovere. See above, Oliva 37.2. 

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