Oliva 56 
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[56.1] Although it may not be necessary for experienced dictators to have many examples of confirmations, yet for those who possess lethargic talents, I propose to treat briefly how patriarchs, archbishops and bishops can make confirmations. Thus dictators may use this general preamble: 

[56.2] Whenever petitions springing from the root of equity and law are offered to us, we are obligated to admit them without delay, lest some postponement might thwart someone's rights.

[56.3] Following the preamble, a general narration can be drafted in this manner:

[56.4] Hence it is, O beloved brother, that we confirm by an archiepiscopal letter, or by a patriarchal letter (if he was a patriarch) the prebend (if he was beneficed) or the church (if he has has obtained lordship of a church) which our brother the venerable bishop of Bologna or our beloved brother the archpriest of Montevecchio, has assigned to you, corroborating this with the muniment of our seal. 

[56.5] If anyone shall rashly presume to violate this page of our confirmation, etc. 

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