Oliva 58 
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[58.1] When some metropolitan especially does a favor for someone, he can make a confirmation in this manner: 

[58.2] G.350 by the grace of God archbishop of Milan, to the beloved U.351 bishop-elect of Cremona, greetings and benediction. 

[58.3] Since by the office enjoined on us by God, we must carefully hear the petitions of all catholics of the archdiocese committed to us, we are deservedly required to more carefully admit the petition of you, who from merit of life, knowledge and greatness are acknowledged by all to be a golden candelabra in the Lord's house.

[58.4] Hence it is, O beloved son in Christ, that we confirm in an archiepiscopal352 letter your election made352 by Cremona's cathedral chapter. 

[58.5] If anyone shall thus presume to violate this page of our confirmation, he shall know that he has incurred the indignation of God and of St. Ambrose.

[58.6] Dated... 

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350 S. Galdinus de Sala, archbishop of Milan (1166-1176).

351 Umfredus, bishop of Cremona (1168-1185). G. archbishop of Milan addresses B. provost of Cremona in the Quinque tabule salutationum 4.18. This combination Milan-Cremona figures above, Oliva 8b.23. Boncompagno acted as a legate to and from Cremona, just as he represented the rural commune Semifonte against Florence.

352 The election of Umfredus took place shortly before Boncompagno's birth, making this the 'oldest' model charter in the Oliva.

353 For the diplomatic of the archbishops of Milan: GIACOMO BASCAPE ed. Antichi diplomi degli arcivescovi di Milano e cenni di diplomatica episcopale Fontes Ambrosiani 18 (Florence 1937).

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