Oliva 59 
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[59.1] Dictators of patriarchs, archbishops and bishops can all maintain this style of confirming, suitably changing those things which must be changed.

[59.2] Abbots, archdeacons, deacons, primicerii, provosts, archpriests, plebani, priests and priors can make their confirmations solemn. But this is not in general custom, since they make their gifts redacted in writing by a public notary.354 Nevertheless it would not be repugnant to the law if they were to make confirmations in this manner. 

[59.3] Suppose that one of these had a chapel, in which the parishioners should elect a priest and that he ought afterwards confirm the elected candidate. Whence he could make a confirmation in this manner:

[59.4] G., by divine permission humble archpriest of the parish of Montevecchio and all those who are brothers with him, to the beloved son P., a priest, greetings and benediction. 

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354 G. CENCETTI "Note di diplomatica vescovile bolognese dei secoli XI e XII" in Studi in onore di V. Federici (Florence 1945) 31, 44.

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