Oliva 60 
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[60.2] Showing easy and benign assent to your just petitions, we confirm through this letter of ours your election358 by the parishioners of St. Mary of Oliveta,359 delivering to you the authority, that you may celebrate divine offices there, you may make use of the property and possessions of that church, just as your predecessors have had use of spiritualities and temporalities through our permission and the permission of our predecessors.

[60.3] We also order you to preserve unimpaired at all times the obedience which you have promised to us and to our successors.

[60.4] So that all these things shall obtain greater endurance, we strengthen this page of our confirmation with the munimen of our seal.

[60.5] Dated... 

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355 Not identified. An unnamed archpriest of Montevecchio assigns a prebend or a church, Oliva 56.4, above.

356 Boncompagno stresses above, Oliva 59.2, that it would be unusual for an archpriest to grant a solemn charter, as in this example, and that public notaries normally redacted the acts of prelates below the episcopal level. For examples of documents concerning parish churches, see Pieve e Capitolo di Santa Maria di Arco. Codice diplomatico secc. XII-XV ed. DOMENICO GOBBI (Trento 1985). Moreover, there existed a confirmation ritual whereby an archpriest invests a priest de capellis (Oliva 42.5). Where a solemn charter was required, it could be obtained from the archbishop (Oliva 56.4). For an episcopal confirmation of a deacon's ordination (celebret), see the charter collection in Bernard of Meung's Flores dictaminum, no. 42 (MEISENZAHL ed. 72+-73+).

357 Not identified. At Oliva 10.17, above, this chaplain is named as an '.R.'.

358 See D. KURZE "Hoch- und spätmittelalterliche Wahlen im Niederkirchenbereich als Ausdruck von Rechten, Rechtsanspruchen und als Wege zur Konfliktlösung" in Wahlen und Wählen im Mittelalter ed. REINHARD SCHNEIDER and HARALD ZIMMERMANN (Vorträge und Forschungen 37, Sigmaringen 1990).

359 The chapel of S. Maria de Oliveta, Montevecchio, diocese Bologna (above, Oliva 10.17).

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